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    Rebecca Amy Willcocks

    (Graduated in 2020, currently working as a Digital Coordinator for the biggest supermarket chain in New Zealand)

    My time studying at CIP and in China in general greatly helped prepare me for my current position as a Digital Content Specialist. As an international school, CIP gave me the opportunity to study and work alongside people from different countries and different backgrounds. Completing group projects with members of varying nationalities allowed me to see how others work and how to handle conflict in different ways. I was also a member of CIP’s student assotiation, which showed me how to budget for projects and come to decisions as equals in a professional environment. Living in China pushed me to become more organised as you need to stay on top of your visa, school and police registrations and any documents you get in the process. This has helped me plan campaigns and make sure all my work is running smoothly. Living in China and studying at CIP has brought me out of my shell and helped me get a head start in my career.


    (Graduated in 2017, worked for a Swedish consulting corporation with director competitors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft afterwards)

    I work with colleagues who completed their Master's degree from big universities in Europe or USA, but I always feel like theknowledge I acquired in CIP matched up with theirs, and sometimes my understanding has far exceeded theirs, so I am very gald I was in CIP.

    Usman Choudhry

    (Graduated in 2013, obtained Master's Degree at Queensland University after graduation)

    I especially appreciated being taught by professors with real world experience, ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional careers. CIP offers a great environment where teamwork is a priority. This helped us to learn, to listen and to exchange ideas in different fields. Moreover, the events organized by CIP give us opportunities to meet each other and build networks that will go beyond our studies.

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