• Center of International Programs (CIP)

    3 English-taught Bachelor's Programs in Business:

    Business Administration, Marketing, International Trade

  • What's New

    COVID-19: Students to gradually return to campus

    April, 2020 - Donghua University is letting students gradually return. Batches of students are welcomed back on campus starting May 5, 2020. The specific schedule and requirements will be announced by each college/school.


    To all international students who are currently not residing on campus: Temporarily you will not be able to return to the university. Entry to the campus remains tightly controlled. This is to limit the risk of further spread of the COVID-19 virus.


    For international students enrolled in degree programs: the online classes that already launched will continue until the end of the spring semester. If you are unable to take the exam, you may apply for a deferred exam. Graduates may be arranged to defend their thesis online, and teachers will assist in their graduation procedures. The graduation ceremony will also be held online.


    Watch this space for updates. Let's hope we can all meet again soon.

  • Why CIP

    Study in downtown Shanghai

    CIP is located in the heart of Shanghai, where excitement is all around you. Whether you are interested in fashion, arts, music, sports or architecture: You will find something of your liking within short distance of our campus.


    Create a global network

    With more than 140 nationalities present, CIP offers a multicultural and multilingual environment. Here, you will build international friendships and business partners that last a lifetime.

    Put theory into practice

    We combine practical courses with lectures and workshops. For instance, we organize relevant and interesting field trips. In addition, you will be able to attend company visits, during which you will gain valuable insight into the Chinese business world.

    Become a responsible leader

    CIP supports the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. In addition, it is a signatory to the United Nations PRME program for sustainable development. This means you will learn everything you need in order to use corporate social responsibility (CSR) in your business career.

    Set your own pace

    Whether you prefer fast or slow: CIP allows you to study in your own tempo. You will be able to graduate between 3 and 6 years’ time. In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow an exchange programme abroad!

    Choose between a diverse set of majors

    Management in Marketing, Management in Business Administration or Economics in International Trade: CIP’s majors cover the basics of the business world. Pick your specialty and become a master in the field!

    Work towards a bright future with iSuCCeeD

    Our iSuCCeeD career center gives your career a head start. While studying in CIP, as well as after graduating, a team of experts from different fields is there to offer career counseling. This means you will have all the tools you need to compete in today’s business world.

    Get a degree from the Ministry of Education

    Donghua University is one of China’s state-key universities and ranks among the Top 100 in China. When you graduate at CIP, you will receive your bachelors degree from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

  • Major Introduction

    Click each major to check the course syllabus

    Learning how companies of all shapes and sizes operate and thrive: That’s the purpose of this major. You will learn the ins and outs of marketing, accounting and finance, operations management, strategic management and HR. Also, you will focus on the various international dimensions within the business world. During the various workshops CIP offers, you will study real-world business cases from various industries. A great start to your career!

    Through courses such as marketing principles, consumer behavior, brand management and digital marketing, you will gain the necessary skills to launch your career as a marketer. You will work in teams to conduct a marketing plan to launch new products in China. The program includes company visits and guest lectures by senior marketing managers to ensure that your education is applicable to real-world business situations.

    This major allows you to become an international trade expert. You will learn the economic principles, as well as the macroeconomic policies, that regulate global markets. Obtain first-hand knowledge by studying advances in technology and logistics through the lens of multinational corporations. You will also learn about the influences of outsourcing in the international trading framework. The program also offers key insight in China’s role in international trade.

  • Testimonials


  • Brothers and Sisters from CIP

    Made by JORDAN DYLAN JOVI PAULUS from Indonesia

    Bastien Dumont

    (Belgium, Graduated in 2014)

    I needed to find a university program where I could learn to speak Chinese, study business & Chinese etiquette and learn more about this new culture. CIP offered me exactly that with excellent teachers and one of the most international networks of students. During my 3-year Bachelor in International trade I started to create my own company and put the things I learned in the classroom to use and this was the best training I could have ever hoped for.

    Elsa Medin

    (Sweden, Graduated in 2016)

    I believe Shanghai a fantastic city and CIP a great choice for studying business. It is an international community where you have access to a broad network, to students and teachers from different countries, and to business professionals who share their experiences. The academic atmosphere and overall students experience in Donoghua have benefited my personal development massively. I develop a business-oriented mindset during the study. The teachers helped me to get out from my comfort zone, to make innovations and I was encouraged to start my own company.

    Filippa Bätjer

    (Sweden, Graduated in 2018)

    Studying in CIP has been a gratifying choice. I’ve made great friends amongst classmates, staff and teachers! CIP being a very young institution it offers the opportunity to do a lot and improve both the infrastructure and ourselves. The small classrooms offer a certain rapport between the students and professors which is very difficult to find elsewhere...I’ve been very happy to be here and to be studying in Donghua. I love the city itself, it’s very a very busy city, full of life and opportunities. The structure offered by CIP is also one to love, as it pushes student to get involved in more than just studying...

  • Faculty

    CIP has over 30 professors who are experts in their respected fields. Experience from a wide range of industries will be shared in class. Click the photos to watch the videos of some professors.

    Anselm Vermeulen

    Logistics and Supply Chain/Manage

    John Wilson


    Business Ethics/Macroeconomics

    Zhang Kejing


    Design Thinking

    Cecilia Estoque


    Cross-cultural Communication



    Consumer Behavior/Marketing

    Shen Bin


    Operation Management

    Naeem Faraz



    Kpotchie Koffi

    Strategy Management/ Managment Information System

    David Warner


    Business Law/Human Resource Management

    Gao Yunhua


    General Outline of China



    Project Management

    Liu Ruishu


    Advanced Chinese

  • International Forum

    Students interested in real-world business ideas will love CIP’s International Forum: During these events, which we host several times a year, prominent speakers offer you their insights. Hear their stories, take notes and engage!

    Year 2009

    Juxtaposing creativity, commitment and principles in business

    Year 2010

    Redefining business strategies to address competitions here and abroad

    Year 2011

    Keys to establishing a successful business in China

    Year 2012

    Understanding market trends for a sustainable growth

    Year 2013

    Managing brands and career growth

    Year 2014

    Think globally, act locally

    Year 2015

    A self-accomplished entrepreneur's career and business goals

    Year 2016

    Surviving the entrepreneurial challenges

    Year 2017

    Your Path to Smart Future

    Year 2018

    Stand out in the China's Job Market

  • Career Development

    The International Student Center for Career Development (ISCCD) aims at providing career development consultation, counseling, information and services for international students and alumni. A professional consulting team of experts from different fields with career consulting experiences will combine innovative, pragmatic and industry-focused approach to help students determine and achieve career goals.


    Services provided

    * Seminars and Workshops

    * Simulation of Interview

    * Jobs and Internships

    * Career Counselling

    * Resumes Service

  • Fees and Scholarships

    Program Costs


    Application Fee

    CNY 800


    Tuition Fee

    CNY 25,000/semester



    CNY 400/semester

    (compulsory and charged by PingAn Insurance Company)



    CNY 7,000 /semester (140 days)

    (double Room)

    CNY 5,000 /semester (140 days)

    (multiple Beded Room)


    Off-campus (for reference)

    approx. CNY 3500/month

    ( one-bedroom apartment)

    approx. CNY 5000/month

    ( two-bedroom apartment)


    DHU Outstanding International Students Scholarship

    up to CNY 10000

    Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship

    up to CNY 18,000


    Scholarships are offered only to enrolled students.

    Click here for details.

  • Application

    Application Deadline: Jun. 30 (for fall intake), Dec. 30 (for spring intake)

    If you cannot reach the application system, please download the application form on cip website and fill it in.


    Online Registration

    Register for this program at admissions.dhu.edu.cn. Please provide a valid passport and correct email address so that the office can reach you.


    Documents Submission

    Submit required documents through email and pay for the application fee. Refer to International Programs for details.


    Awaiting for the interview and admission package

    Online interview will be arranged. If you are admitted, admission documents will be delivered by DHL.

  • About DHU

    Donghua University (DHU) was founded in 1951. It is one of 75 universities that are under the direct management of the Ministry of Education of China, one of the universities that accepted international students as early as 1954, as well as one of the first batch of 27 universities that have passed the Quality Accreditation for International Students Education.


    29 doctoral degree programs, 70 master’s degree programs and 58 undergraduate programs are available to international students. DHU enrolls over 4800 international students from nearly 140 countries each year. This population ranks 10th among the universities in China.