• Major Introduction

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    Learning how companies of all shapes and sizes operate and thrive: That’s the purpose of this major. You will learn the ins and outs of marketing, accounting and finance, operations management, strategic management and HR. Also, you will focus on the various international dimensions within the business world. During the various workshops CIP offers, you will study real-world business cases from various industries. A great start to your career!

    Through courses such as marketing principles, consumer behavior, brand management and digital marketing, you will gain the necessary skills to launch your career as a marketer. You will work in teams to conduct a marketing plan to launch new products in China. The program includes company visits and guest lectures by senior marketing managers to ensure that your education is applicable to real-world business situations.

    This major allows you to become an international trade expert. You will learn the economic principles, as well as the macroeconomic policies, that regulate global markets. Obtain first-hand knowledge by studying advances in technology and logistics through the lens of multinational corporations. You will also learn about the influences of outsourcing in the international trading framework. The program also offers key insight in China’s role in international trade.

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