• International Students Apartment

    Located in down-town Shanghai, the on-campus dorm offers over 1000 beds to degree students.

    International Students Apartment

    Our apartments are modern, safe and have all the facilities you need for a successful and joyous life on campus. In addition, you can meet and hang out with your fellow students.

    Double Room

    Spacious rooms, which can be shared with one other student. You will have a bed, closet, storage space and a personal desk of your own. They have airconditioning.

    Multiple-beded Room

    These rooms have either 3 or 4 beds. They have all the amenities a double room has, the difference is that the whole space has to be shared with more people.

    Self-study Room

    A space were you can study, do homework quietly. Here, nothing will distract you from studying!

    Laundry Room

    You can do your own laundry in our designated laundry room. Prices are around RMB 5 per wash. The cheapest and most efficient way of keeping your clothes fresh!

    Public Kitchen

    The campus itself has many affordable dining options. But, alternatively, you can prepare a meal by yourself in the public kitchen. It has induction cookers, sinks and microwaves.

  • Safety & Security

    24-hour Security

    Camera Monitors are also equipped on each floor to ensure students' safety

    Our security guards are here for you all day, every day. They provide safety, conduct daily checks on each floor of the building, and make sure no-one enters the building if they have no purpose there.

    Policies for Visitors

    Valid ID card is required for registration at the reception desk before entry

    Visitors can enter the building, but the security desk makes sure visitors are registered. They also make sure that visitors don't overstay.

    Access Card System

    Student card is required to enter the dorm

    Students cannot enter the dormitory without their student card. In case of a student card that is missing, the student must report to the security desk as soon as possible.

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